Eco-friendly activities at the heart of the North Rhône Valley’s vinyards


Discover three famous appellations : Hermitage, Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage during eco-friendly activities in the North Rhône Valley’s vineyards. Visit many wineries around Tain l’Hermitage/ Tournon sur Rhône, savour wines accompanied with 100% local products and meet the winegrowers valorizing sustainable winemaking practices. Authentic experiences  joining the discovery of reputated winegrowers and comitted men and women into a nature friendly viticulture.

Les apéros-vigne : dégustation au cœur des vignobles

Enjoy a sweet summer evening, in the vineyards ! Our winegrowers invite you to share a friendliness and gourmet moment. Every Thursday, a new winery is ready to be discovered, offering a meeting moment and a nice pretext to savour our appellations and many other must see. These nights are also the occasion to savour 100% Made in Ardèche snacks : saucissons, terrines, picodons (goat cheese) and few others delicious surprises which will accompagny the savoured vintages.

In addition of bringing joy to your taste buds, these events are registering in a sustainable wine tourism approach. Our winegrowers are commited to respect the environment by adopting sustainables viticultural practices and by promoting local and seasonal products. The nights are happening in natural and preserved environment, by limiting the ecological impact and favoriting the biodiversity.

To the curious gourmets who want to taste  our producers’ knowledge, while supporting a nature-friendly tourism. A gorgeous landscape, yummy local products, a cozy mood : unavoidable appointment, joining pleasure, discovery and respect of our lands.


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Détours en Vignes to the discovery of the North Rhône Valley’s five appellations

Discover "Détours en Vignes", a new free app which revolutionizes your escapes in our vineyards et offers you the possibility to practice an eco-friendly activity at the heart of the Rhône Valley’s vineyards. This innovating app proposes five fun trails, including 4 on foot and one with mountain bike, through the prestigious appellations of l’Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitages, Saint-Joseph, Cornas and Saint-Péray. Each itinerary is made to offer an immersive and enriching experience, allowing you to discover the wine and cultural riches of our beautiful region.

With Détours en Vignes, explore the Hermitage, famous for its srong red wines and its elegant white wines by following a picturesque trail. Live an adventure in Crozes-Hermitage for a 20km trail by bike at the heart of the vineyards and the hilly landscapes. For the Saint-Joseph appellation, enjoy a trail trought the hills and terraces, while discovering the local history. Two beautiful pedestrian routes invite you to also discover the Cornas and Saint-Péray appellations.

Détours en Vignes enriches your visit with some anectotes, interactive games and information about the viticultural techniques and sustainable cultivation methods. By promoting some soft travel ways such as hike and bike, the app encourages a environment-friendly tourism. Download the app now and let it guide you through fascinating routes, joining pleasure, discovery and friendliness.

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Wine and Ride : bike and delicacies

Discover Wine and Ride, your bike rental provider for a unique experience joining pleasure and discovery in the heart of Tain l’Hermitage. Wine and Ride proposes a tasting circuit especially made for wine and local products amateurs. Freely , according to your desires, let yourself guided trought the charming streets of Tain l’Hermitage, a city famous for its prestigious wine growers and its culinarv heritage.

The Wine and Ride circuit brings you to the discovery of the best wine estates and local producers. You will have the occasion to savour exeptional wine, including the famous vintages of l’Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage, while savouring regional specialities such as Picodon ( goat cheese) et the Valrhona chocolate.

Each step of the route is meticulously selected to offer an enriching and gourmet experience. In addition of the tastings, you  will be able to enjoy beautiful panoramics on the vineyards and the Rhône, while traveling in an ecological and active way. The proximity from the cycling route ViaRhôna will allow you to continue your discovery beyond Tain l’Hermitage on a fully secured itinerary.

Wine and Ride lets at your disposal good quality bikes, adapted to every levels, including an advices and assistance service to guarantee an experience without troubles. Come to live an unforgetable wine tourism adventure with Wine and Ride, where the joy of tasting meets the joy of the bike, while participating to eco-friendly activities in the Rhône Valley’s vineyards.

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Live adventures full of authenticity in the North Rhône Valley’s vineyards. Book now your apéro-vigne, download the Détours en Vignes app, or rent your bike with Wine and Ride. Let yourself tempted with original activities to discover wines produced around Tain l’Hermitage / Tournon sur Rhône.