Rhône Valley Wines on your holiday tables


The end of year holidays are approaching, you are certainly starting to think about your festive meals. How to surprise your guests? What good little dishes to prepare? But above all, what Food & Wine pairings to enhance your menus? Rhône Valley wines on your holiday tables: a sure value!

Food and Wine Pairings: Wines from the Rhône Valley on your holiday tables

Nothing is more divine than a perfect food and wine pairing. Flavors that explode, taste buds that go wild and little moments of happiness that can be savored. Hermitage, Saint Joseph, Crozes-Hermitage, 3 beautiful appellations whose potential is revealed when pleasantly associated with seasonal cuisine. Here are some delicious ideas to surprise all the gourmets you have invited with Rhône Valley wines on your holiday tables.

As an aperitif, a suggestion that may seem expensive and yet... Truffled butter toast and white Hermitage, we come close to perfection. Certainly the price per kilo of black Truffle from Drôme des Collines is often impressive but only a few grams are enough to flavor a dish. The fat of butter is a perfect flavor enhancer to reveal all the aromas of the black diamond of gastronomy. A happy marriage between truffle and Hermitage that will amaze your guests from the start of the meal.

Even if for many Foie Gras must be accompanied by a sweet wine, we invite you to get off the beaten track and go with a contrasting pairing with Syrah, spices and delicacy will make the moment lighter and just as pleasant. Avoid wines with too much wood, but if you like sweet whites, our winegrowers offer wines that may appeal to you, in particular: “l’Auré” from Domaine Michelas St Jemms, “Why not? » from Domaine des Rémizières, or even “Flody” from Domaine Breyton.

Scallops and Crozes-Hermitage Blanc, all in simplicity, be careful when cooking so as not to damage the product. White Crozes-Hermitage is delicious, ideal for such a tasty seafood product.

Chapon stuffed with chestnuts, a classic, just like the wines of the Rhône Valley on a holiday table. The star dish on your menu is certainly the one that took the most time, so don't make a mistake when choosing the wine. Take out the beautiful bottles to leave a delicious memory of this Christmas meal, our suggestion a red Hermitage, a daring choice that should not leave anyone indifferent.

If you do not want to serve a poultry we suggest a rack of lamb accompanied by a red Saint Joseph. A very good dish that calls for a very good wine!

Another great classic from our region, the cardoon gratin with marrow, this one will be perfect with a Crozes-Hermitage red. You don't know cardoons? it is an ancient vegetable also called wild artichoke, a must on festive tables in Ardèche Hermitage.

For cheese, our heart leans towards a picodon and although it may surprise you, we would not choose the classic red wine to enhance it. We prefer the freshness of a white Saint Joseph, fans take note.

We hope to have made your mouth water with these few ideas for serving Rhône Valley wines on your holiday tables. Treat yourself and please yourself, a good wine is above all a wine that you share in good company. If it doesn't perfect your dishes, it will undoubtedly enhance the moment.

Visit our wine merchants for informed advice

Is your menu ready? Do you want personalized advice? Take out the right bottle that will have its little “Wow” effect. So go to our wine merchants! Among their selection, a wide choice of wines from the Rhône Valley for your holiday meals. But not only that… you have the right to be unfaithful to our beautiful region (we forgive you). They will also be able to offer some bubbles for the festive side, or even some spirits for amateurs. Find our good addresses:

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May your end-of-year celebrations be delicious and full of good times shared! The entire team at the tourist office wishes you splendid meals accompanied by the best Rhône Valley wines on your festive tables.


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