Atypical wines from the Rhône Valley


Get off the beaten track for a tasting! Some of our winegrowers  distinguish by the grape varieties, the expression of the terroir, the methods of vinification and conservation. Discover a selection of atypical wines from the Rhône Valley, let yourself be tempted by the originality!


Dare to be original by tasting the atypical wines of the Rhône Valley

Find below a selection of atypical wines from the Rhône Valley. The list is non-exhaustive ! Do not hesitate to share with us your beautiful discovery by contacting us.

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Resistant grape varieties: Domaine des Granges

A domain like no other, with an assumed approach, the Domaine des Granges located in the town of La Roche de Glun produces wines from resistant grape varieties. What is it? These are simply new grape varieties developed by INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) which have the particularity of being resistant to diseases. Floréal, Artaban are, here, the names of the grape varieties but also of the cuvées of this young estate which stands out in the Rhône Valley. To all the curious in search of originality, take a detour through the cellar to discover their wines.

Domaine des Granges

Orange wine from the Cave de Tain

You thought you knew everything about the Cave de Tain? Well allow us to doubt it! Indeed, a new cuvée has just made its appearance in the already very complete catalog of the Cellar. A wine that takes on a new color and dares to use “orange”! The Marsanne (40%) and Viognier (60%) grape varieties are blended for this new product with a marked nose whose notes of sweet spices and bitter oranges are revealed on tasting. An atypical wine from the Rhône Valley, both for its color and its flavors.

Cave de Tain

Roussanne & Kaolin, the gem of Domaine Delhomme

The white lands of Larnage representing only 1% of the Crozes-Hermitage appellation, it is an exceptional terroir that expresses itself through the wines it produces. The name "Terres Blanches" comes from the Kaolin quarries located in this small town in Drôme. Domaine Delhomme offers you its Kaolin cuvée, a 100% Roussanne grape variety white Crozes-Hermitage. A wine full of freshness, balance and finesse. White wine lovers, you will find a pretty nugget here !

Domaine Delhomme

MalGrès tout, an exception by the Domaine de la Ville Rouge

Nature can sometimes be cruel to our winegrowers! In June 2019, a violent hailstorm hit the plains of AOP Crozes-Hermitage. Hectares of vines were devastated, including part of the Domaine de la Ville Rouge vineyards. However, some vines remain surprisingly intact. An idea then germinates in the mind of the winemaker: to make his few rows of vines a unique cuvée: MalGrès tout. 100% Roussanne, vinification in sandstone egg which gives this wine a great aromatic intensity. The little extra: its pretty bottle, also in sandstone, which you will undoubtedly keep after tasting.

Domaine de la Ville Rouge

Syrah but not only…Domaine Breyton

Located in the commune of Beaumont-Monteux, the Breyton estate is a family estate, certified in Organic Agriculture since 1998. Terroirs located in the communes of Gervans, Erôme and Beamont – Monteux are valued through their various Crozes-Hermitage cuvées. But this estate stands out for the diversity of its 2 hectares in IGP Collines Rhodaniennes, on which are planted grape varieties such as Merlot, Tannat, Malbec, Chardonnay, Colombar… Atypical wines in the Rhône Valley, a nice range to discover.

Domaine Breyton

Vintages like no other: 2021 – 2022

Over the past two years, the weather has not spared our winegrowers. After a difficult year in 2021 (frost, hail, etc.), a year in 2022 marked by drought, the wines of these last two vintages stand out. Quality remains at the rendez-vous with winegrowers who confirm their talent.

The 2021 vintage, a mineral year

A marathon year that gave them no respite... 2021, a complicated vintage and yet the Rhône Valley was relatively spared compared to other wine regions. Late frost, rainy summer, hail … have caused many losses and the development of diseases. The year 2021 stands out from the last 5 years which have produced very sunny wines. According to M. CHAPOUTIER “Mineral years like 2021 reveal the specificities of the soil. This atypical vintage is a chance! Consumers will thus be able to understand the imprint of the vintage on the climate, in the terroir”.

The 2022 vintage, a beautiful aromatic palette

After a historically hot and dry summer, the 2022 vintage promised to be sunny (marked tannins and high alcoholic degrees). But saving rains in mid-August allowed them to reach a good maturity. The year 2022 is characterized for the reds with soft tannins and an aromatic palette around red and black fruits, so characteristic of Syrah. The white wines also develop beautiful aromas. The only downside, a lower volume… let's wait a little longer to taste these atypical wines from the Rhône Valley. To be continued…

Notice to amateurs, our wines and our winegrowers never cease to surprise you! Their know-how is revealed, their creativity is expressed through numerous cuvées and atypical wines in the Rhône Valley. Ah! taste according to your desires and always in moderation.